iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replacement

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iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replacement Empty iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replacement

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Image #1

EditStep 1 — Camera Lens
Twist off the bottom screws and open the screen with iSclack. You also can see the detailed iPhone 6 front panel assembly replacement as reference.
Image #1

EditStep 2
Remove the securing bracket for connectors.
Image #1

EditStep 3
Disconnect front camera cable connector and home button cable connector.
Image #1

EditStep 4
Release digitizer connector and LCD connector. And then remove the front screen.

Image #1

EditStep 5
Remove rear camera securing bracket.
EditStep 6
Release rear camera connector and remove the camera carefully.
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Image #1

EditStep 7
It's difficult to remove this bottom bracket. The inside round edge of this bracket seems soldered with camera lens ring. So you need much effort and it's not surprised to break the bracket.
Image #1

EditStep 8
The last step is to push the cracked camera lens out from inside.
First, find a tool you prefer and easy to use with effort. Then, put your hands where your power will land to protect the rear case from bending. Next, push the camera lens with effort. Please be careful with the phone and your hand very much.
When you place the new camera lens, you will need glue or adhesive to fasten the camera lens as well as the new bottom bracket.
If you worry about iPhone 6 damage, please sent it to Apple center.

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