How to Fix My Asus Laptop Key

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How to Fix My Asus Laptop Key Empty How to Fix My Asus Laptop Key

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One of the most common worn items on laptops are the individual keys on the keyboard. Keyboard keys can break by overuse or by dropping the laptop. The easiest way to fix a key is to replace it. Replacement keys are available at most electronic stores for a minimal price. Fixing a key on your Asus laptop computer can be accomplished in several easy steps.

Things You'll Need
New key compatible with Asus laptop
Small screwdriver

Go to an electronics store and purchase a new key to replace your broken one.

Power off and unplug your laptop.

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Remove the broken key from your Asus laptop's keyboard. Be careful to only remove the key and not the key retainer. Remove the key with any blunt, flat-bladed instrument--like a small screwdriver. Place the tip of the screwdriver beneath the broken key and pop it off.

Make sure your key retainer is still connected to your keyboard. If you accidentally removed the retainer, replace it with a new one. When you purchase a replacement key it should come with a new retainer. The retainer is a plastic bracket that fits beneath the key. When installing the retainer you will see four points at the corners. The two larger points fit toward the top of the key, while the two smaller points go toward the bottom. Place the retainer into the keyboard so it fits snugly around the hole that the key connects to.

Place your new key in its slot and press it down until you hear a snap. Your operation is now complete.


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