Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battery Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battery Replacement Empty Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battery Replacement

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In this guide, you will learn how to replace the battery on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Having a bad or broken battery can be frustrating. There are a couple prerequisites we need to get out of the way first!

Rear Panel 3 steps
Battery 3 steps
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Tools (continued)
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Battery

Image #1

2 EditStep 1 — Rear Panel
Place the bottom of the tablet towards you.
Remove the two 4.1 mm screws near the charge port with a Tri-Wing screwdriver.
Image #1

EditStep 2
Start in the middle of the left side and insert a plastic opening tool between the rear panel and the front panel assembly.
Carefully run the plastic opening tool along the left and top edge to pry the rear panel away from the rest of the device.
Place opening picks along the side you have already pried open to keep the back panel detached from the rest of the device.
Image #1

EditStep 3
Using the plastic opening tools, continue to carefully run along the right and bottom edge, and then lift the screen from the back panel.
Image #1

EditStep 4 — Battery
Carefully remove the three cables from the motherboard by gently lifting up the black frame on the other end of the connector (it acts as a locking lever; don't slide it; just lift it, away from the board) using the same plastic opening tool used to pull out the screen. (Left to right: I/O Cable, Touch Screen Cable, LCD Cable)
Image #1

EditStep 5
Remove the ten surrounding 3 mm screws from the battery with a Phillips #00 screwdriver.
Put your screws in a plastic container or bag so you don't lose them.
Image #1

EditStep 6
Lift the edge of the battery up with your finger or the spudger if you need it.
Detach the battery by holding the motherboard down while gently lifting the battery up.

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